Owner of Fast Fit Personal Training


I am a wife, mum, step mum and business owner

My job has never felt like a ‘job’, it's my passion.

You will defiantly be greeted by our fur babies in training!

I love peanut butter more than you would ever understand...

Buy me an oat-milk flat white (with 1 sweetener) = immediate besties

Dont be shy to reach out to me! I will love to help you with your fitness!


How would I best describe my clients? Open to learn, fun, dedicated and approachable. We are a small group of like minded people, helping each other to stay fit, healthy and on track to achieving your goals.

I run classes from my home gym in Flagstaff. Occasionally heading up the road for boot camps and larger sessions.

Its a great place for mums with babies to train too!

A welcoming, friendly environment for you to find your groove with fitness!

There is more involved too, but that's Fast Fit in a nutshell ;)


  • Peter 25
    Emily is very professional, passionate and dedicated to helping people with exercise and fitness goals. She goes over and above what the job requires. There's a saying I heard once "Some People Become Personal Trainers To Get The Benefit For Themselves, Other People Become Personal Trainers Because They Want To Help Others" Emily fits into the second one. Emily always makes One on One Personal Training Sessions enjoyable and it is never the same, it is always different
    Peter 25
  • Janice 56
    I have been going to Emily for many years. I don’t think any session has been the same in all that time! It keeps you interested to see what you are in. There is no way you would push yourself as hard if doing your own workout. The semi-private sessions of 4 are fun as we have banter (usually cursing Emily) but she can take it. We even go as far and call her mean Emily, but she just smiles as you have to remember she’s in charge so she gets the last laugh. Come join us and have some fun, get strong and fit. What are you waiting for???
    Janice 56
  • Lisa 44
    Emily is so motivating and she’s awesome support when u need it! Best trainer ever.
    Lisa 44
  • Olivia 34
    I love training with Emily!! I’ve been going to her for nearly a year now and I’ve done a mix of boot camps and semi-private sessions. I love Emily’s motivation and drive to help everyone achieve their goals. Love her work as she mixes it up all the time so the sessions never get boring! Would recommend 100%.
    Olivia 34
  • Jeff 37
    I love Emily's training. She runs lunchtime high-intensity circuits for my team. It's great to break away from the computer and get a sweat up. I would highly recommend Emily to others!
    Jeff 37
  • Julia 33
    I’ve been training with Emily off and on for the last 4 years, she is absolutely fantastic and hands down the best trainer in Hamilton. If you want progressional and excellent results and fun Emily at Fast Fit is your girl! She has also been training our staff for the last few months in group boot camp sessions. All the feedback from staff is excellent! Thanks Emily!
    Julia 33
  • Shannon 48
    I first met Emily when I became a gym member ar Flex Te Rapa 2014 and trained with Emily throughout the years. She has been my biggest motivator who gives you nothing but 100% support, giving me the variety of training and workouts from Box Fit, HIIT, Boot Camps, Body Blast, Semi-Private PT Sessions, Group Hikes, Nutrition advice, personal programs and have been lucky to have one on one training sessions with her. If you have set goals for a healthier lifestyle with exercise and nutrition, I highly recommend joining Fast Fit Personal Training. Emily was born to do what she does and I thank her for being a great trainer and friend.
    Shannon 48
  • Michelle 44
    Emily’s classes are for all fitness levels. I’ve really been benefiting from them. Feeling so much healthier, fitter and happier. If I can do them anyone can. You get to meet new people and have a bit of fun. Emily changes up the classes each time so they are not boring and keeps the body guessing. I have a gym buddy and we keep each other accountable. It’s awesome. Highly recommend it.
    Michelle 44
  • Vicky 43
    I have tried boot camp type classes in the past and never stuck at it. Since I turned 40 three years ago I have been sporadic with my exercise and nutrition. I didn't stick to anything. Emily's classes are different and have me hooked. The atmosphere Emily has created is awesome and makes you feel supported and can achieve your goals realistically. Emily also has a variety of options to choose how you achieve those goals. I have been attending for 15 weeks and feel great and am seeing results
    Vicky 43
  • Glenna 29
    Emily is amazing, so supportive, kind and caring! She goes the extra mile for her clients! She has helped me get past my phobia of going to the gym alone by making a program which is specialized to my needs! I feel like I am able to set small goals but achieve big things with Emily’s help. Her boot camps are so motivating and the best start to your day! I highly recommend contacting Emily to start your journey! I have dropped dress sizes and gained confidence! Come and join the fun!!
    Glenna 29
  • Rachel 25
    100/10!! So so glad I joined this group in late Feb this year, I have come so far, regained a lot of fitness I had lost and am on a really good lifestyle trajectory thanks to all the help and training with Fast Fit. The group boot camps are fun, challenging and a great way to meet new people. Awesome value for the weekly membership.
    Rachel 25