The overall favorite training session that increases fitness, burns high calories while increasing your endurance and stamina. This session offers to a variety of different fitness levels- we will push you a little harder for those more experienced and ease those into it who are starting out.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions will spike your heart rate many times during this session. These sessions include periods of high intensity exercise, followed by rest periods. HIIT-Fit sessions are what we call our ‘fun fitness’ sessions, where you find yourself challenged, yet not overwhelmed by the intensity. Aimed to burn high calories while helping increase BOTH your metabolism and fitness. You will use a lot of different equipment as well as body weight exercises for variety. All fitness levels are welcome.

Toned + Fit

Full body sculpting and strength session. Designed to improve muscular tone and endurance, while helping to shape and improve postural stability. A combination of the two strengthening and fitness components leaves you feeling amazing (and people notice!).

1-on-1 Fit

One on One Sessions are personalized sessions designed to train specifically to your goals. Here we can tailor your sessions to areas of the body you want to work and maximize strength gains and fitness. One on One sessions can be purchased and added to your account from the Clubworx Website


Cardio, strength, with upper body focused exercises. We combine boxing and kicking techniques that keep it fun and highly motivating. Box-Fit is a high calorie burning session that leaves you feeling a little exhusted, yet satisfied at the same time – no previous experience required.