Lisa Traill (44)

  • Started 2018
  • Attends 3 boot camps per week
  • Increased fitness and motivation
  • A total of 13kgs loss through our boot camps and small group sessions Increased fitness and motivation
  • Favorite class is Boxfit

Damian Morrow (38)

  • Started 2016
  • Attends 2-3 boot camps per week
  • Lost 26kgs and kept it off
  • Made new friends and reunited with old school mates
  • Has a new lifestyle and knows how to keep his weight off

Janice (56) and Di (50)

  • Started 2014 and 2017 respectively
  • Both semi retired, good friends and neighbors
  • Attends 2-3 semi-private sessions per week
  • Understands the importance of working out as they get older
  • Loves the focus and attention in regards to injuries and back problems
  • Feels stronger than ever before, especially in their core Feels comfortable and in good hands

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Nourish Magazine!

Fast fit features in Nourish magazine to ‘give back’ to the community. In each edition, we will give great advice on keeping fit, eating healthy and best ways to staying motivated, unique to each season.

“ Each quarter Nourish Magazine highlights and revels in the uniqueness of the season.”

Look out for Nourish magazine in your local cafe, hairdresser, beauty salon, gym and reception area!

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Here at Fast Fit we like to keep you motivated and involved outside of your everyday training session. Throughout the year we organised fitness related group events to help keep you motivated. It is a great way to make new friends and train towards something outside of your comfort zone!

Check out some of our events below

Expressway Classic Half Marathon

Hamilton Half Marathon 19

Hamilton Half Marathon 18

Auckland 2XU Half Marathon


Doggy Walking Social Club

Fluro Day

Gumboot Friday